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Obrázek: Major Domus
Kurz Applied English Lexicology
autor Major Domus - Pondělí, 30. červen 2008, 10.14
  Applied English Lexicology
Katarína Veselá
, Katedra odborného jazykového vzdelávania FEM SPU v Nitre

The course of applied English lexicology is designed for a 15-week semester.
It contains also 5 powerpoint lectures, which can be used for a short version of the applied lexicology class (10-12 teaching hours). Within these lectures there are also simple assignments for students' self-study activities.

All lessons consist of
  • resources (basic text with hyperlinks to more complete definitions or additional information);
  • links to additional activities (quizzes, games, etc.);
  • assignments, and
  • keys (model answers to the assignments).