Applied English Lexicology

 Tento kurz je otevřen i pro hosty

Katarína Veselá, Katedra odborného jazykového vzdelávania FEM SPU v Nitre

The course of applied English lexicology is designed for a 15-week semester.
It contains also 5 powerpoint lectures, which can be used for a short version of the applied lexicology class (10-12 teaching hours). Within these lectures there are also simple assignments for students' self-study activities.

All lessons consist of

  • resources (basic text with hyperlinks to more complete definitions or additional information);
  • links to additional activities (quizzes, games, etc.);
  • assignments, and
  • keys (model answers to the assignments).

The teacher should open the course gradually - lesson by lesson.
The keys should be uncovered till the assignment deadline is over.

The course is designed for blended learning approach, i.e. the role of teacher is vital for its sufficient understanding.

Tento kurz je otevřen i pro hosty